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Tabletops for all occassions

Since 1997 we have specialized in flexible furniture for flexible environments. We know what is required for everyone to be satisfied, from our customers to your customers: affordable products, good service and high quality. When you need tabletops we have what you're looking for. All our assotment includes the same quality and environmental awareness.

Beech, oak or birch

Our rectangular tabletops come in three different materials: beech, oak and birch. We also offer a white series. All four are available in eight different sizes, from 120x45 cm and up. With our wide range there is something for everyone. In addition to our rectangular tabletops we also offer round tabletops with white marbling and black rock anthracite.

Assurance with Elj

We always stock all our models. We deliver fast and maintain our deliveries. Please read more about our work in our quality and environmental policy. Get in touch with your inquiry today, send us an email to Welcome!