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INCA limegrön
INCA svart
INCA vit
INCA orange
INCA alla 4
INCA vit staplade
INCA lime miljö (palma bord)

Inca lime green

Stacking chairs

The modern stackable Inca chair is water and UV resistant, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for cafes, restaurants, waiting rooms, academic courses, and conferences. Weighs only 5.6 kg but thanks to its design it's strong and comfortable to sit on.

  • Available in 4 colors


Name Weight Article
Inca, PP plastic chair, black 4kg INC-2001UV
Inca, PP plastic chair, white 4kg INC-2005UV
Inca, PP plastic chair, orange 4kg INC-2006UV
Inca, PP plastic chair, lime green 4kg INC-2007UV