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CAFE 80x80 CAFE80801 bok
CAFE 80x80 CAFE80802 björk
CAFE 80x80 CAFE80803 ek
CAFE 80x80 CAFE80805 vit
CAFE CAFE80805 miljö Inca vit
CAFE CAFE80805 vit miljö Flip vit


Folding table

Café is a stable folding table that is perfectly suited for restaurants, cafes, hotels, conferences, or breakrooms.

  • Silver-grey frame
  • Beech, birch, oak, or white tabletop

* Also available with round tabletop.


Name Size Height Weight Article
Café, silver-grey structure, beech tabletop 80x80cm 74cm 15kg CAFE80801P
Café, silver-grey structure, birch tabletop 80x80cm 74cm 15kg CAFE80802P
Café, silver-grey structure, oak tabletop 80x80cm 74cm 15kg CAFE80803P
Café, silver-grey structure, white tabletop 80x80cm 74cm 15kg CAFE80805P