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Party tables

Folding tables for parties and events

Do you need party furniture that holds both quality and style wise? Since 1997 we have manufactured folding tables and supple party tables. We have continuously developed the design to optimize the table's bearing capacity and weight. We offer tables to suit many different types of environments such as restaurants and lunchrooms, but also smart extra tables suitable for parties and other types of events.

Does your perfect table look in a special way? Many shapes are available: round, square, oblong and rectangular. Furthermore, in several different colors. You can easily choose according to your wallet and taste. In our catalog you will find among others Sweden's best selling folding party table - Renting. But even tables like Gastro, Event and Munich are popular options as they all uphold very good quality. Of course it is also possible to rent our folding tables from most furniture rental companies that we work with.

Do you have questions about our products, or not finding what you were looking for? Have you perhaps difficult to select a suitable party table? Please contact us for more information about our folding tables. You can reach us most easily by phone: +46 (0) 345 17470 or via e-mail: You can also click on the different products to learn more about them.