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Conference tables

Folding conference tables for your office

Obtain a conference table where everyone can be seen and that is inviting to hold effective and friendly meetings. Here you will find meeting tables that we have developed for the conference room or larger types of study rooms. There are of course also matching chairs. We have developed a number of solutions suitable for both small and large facilities. The table can make a big difference in your future meetings.

Let yourself be inspired by us. Buy conference furniture that is both functional and stylish from us. We have several different smart solutions regarding conference tables and comfortable conference chairs. In our catalog you will find all sorts of different sizes, designs and price ranges, we constantly strive to be able to find a table that suits your needs and wishes. Among others we offer popular folding conference tables such as Kongress Style, Dinner Style and Examen. These tables, just like all other products in our catalog, are of high standard and attractive design to suit market requirements.

Want to know more about our different conference furniture? Click your way into products for more detailed information. You can also contact us with questions about our conference furniture or if there is something you find missing in our catalog. You can reach us most easily by phone: +46 (0) 345 17470 or via e-mail: